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Curtis Krietzberg


Curtis Krietzberg is a financial professional and musician based in Red Bank, New Jersey. As a musician, Curtis prefers to play the keys and piano. He loves classical music, rock, and jazz.

As with many, music has always been a significant part of Curtis Krietzberg’s life. From an early age, he was encouraged to chase his dreams. This helped him develop a passion for music, which has been a driving force in his life to this day. Curtis is an accomplished musician, playing music both professionally and for fun. Professionally, Curtis plays the keys for a local rock band.

Curtis Krietzberg also has a deep appreciation for classical and jazz, and he loves playing his favorite music on the piano. Both jazz and classical music foster a growth mindset by encouraging improvisation, creativity, and discipline. Jazz promotes adaptability, innovation, and spontaneity, nurturing resilience and open-mindedness. Meanwhile, classical music emphasizes precision, structure, and practice, cultivating patience, attention to detail, and perseverance, enhancing personality development. Keeping this in mind, Curtis fosters his love for music.

He is committed to promoting the love of music in others and has served on the board of the Jazz Arts Project, a non-profit organization based in New Jersey, to help achieve this goal.

Curtis Krietzberg attended Rutgers University for his degrees. Ultimately, he received two rounds of education through the university, showing his commitment to bettering himself. Curtis’s pursuit of education also showcases his passion for diverse knowledge. His dedication demonstrates a strong work ethic, adaptability, and a thirst for continuous learning, fostering a well-rounded skill set and the ability to make versatile contributions across various fields. Curtis Krietzberg embodies these skills quite effortlessly.

Curtis Krietzberg’s life philosophy centers around the art of saying yes. He believes that saying yes to new opportunities and challenges can help individuals grow personally and professionally. Without this mentality, it is unlikely he would have chased his dreams of being in a rock band. 

When he’s not busy with work, Curtis Krietzberg is dedicated to giving back to his community through volunteer work. He has served on the board of CHHANGE – the Center for Holocaust, Human Rights, and Genocide Education. Curtis also regularly volunteers at the St. Peters Soup Kitchen in Freehold, New Jersey, helping to prepare dinner for those in need. 

Curtis Krietzberg has a deep love for the outdoors. Growing up near the Jersey Shore, he developed a passion for the ocean, which has extended to a love for outdoor activities such as cycling and hiking. Anyone who grew up near the shore will undoubtedly understand this experience. Curtis enjoys traveling and exploring new places as it allows him to gain new perspectives and experiences.  

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